Monday, September 04, 2006

fully vested

its safe to say i am fully vested in the show prison break. and i've managed to rope cath in. :) i am trying to figure out how to fit 8 hours worth of shows into 7 hours worth of time till the next episode shows on real TV.. good thing we have dvr.

the christening yesterday was fun. i saw my old HS friends. i plan to hang out with them more... one of them(mv) has two babies now.. geez... i couldn't even imagine that for myself right now. her family and in law-families are soo nice. the space we had the mini reception at was great too. it is called justins grill.

my other friend(oc) is a dr at st. joes. she just bought a house. i need to get over there to see it. her schedule is kind of unpredictable, so i might need to answer my phone to make plans. :)