Saturday, March 28, 2009

new kids on the block in syracuse

i'm glad i went to the NKOTB concert yesterday.. here are my thoughts in no particular order

  • i was disapointed that not many people were decked out in old new kids attire. at the same time, the people that brought OLD tour books with them. really?! did you expect to get them signed or something.

  • it was really the donnie, jordan, joe show.. danny and jonathan were just really crappy back up dancers.

  • i am not sure why they even gave jonathan a microphone. he might have said 2 sentences the whole concert.

  • donnie shouted out syracuse incessantly.. and brought up the sweet sixteen more than a few times.

  • i did like that they came out for their final encore wearing orange syracuse jerseys.

  • they sang "tonight" which i had forgotten was one of my favorites.. i downloaded it. :)

  • it really was comical how badly danny and jonathan were mailing it in.

  • there was an extended drawn out part where a few of them (not jon or danny) each did a couple of solo songs.

  • they did about 3-4 encores.. it seemed a little excessive. :)

  • it was funny to look around and see everyone drinking.. very different from when i went 16-17 years ago.

  • i was surprised to see as many men as i did there.. i'd say it was about 45:1 ratio of women to men.

  • there was a "in memoriam" section where they flashed a bunch of pics on the jumbotron. it was a crazy random bunch of photos.. like biggee and tu-pac, heath ledger, strangeness.

  • i felt kind of bad for them because the place was totally not sold out. you'll see in my pics how empty it was.

  • the parking lot attendant asked us who we liked more, donnie or joe? when we siad jordan, he said he was a DISTANT third place.

here are my pics..