Tuesday, March 24, 2009

long overdue ramblings...

i am looking back at the bloggo and realizing that i am way overdue for a state of the union rambling... here goes. i'll try to do this in chronological order.

new kids on the block
this thursday night KW and i are turning back the sands of time and going to see the new kids when they come to syracuse. i am a little bit afraid of the kind of fans we are going to see. i'll be sure to bring my camera... this is totally random, but i am pretty sure i have a passage in my diary from way back when where i planned out the outfit i would wear should i ever meet the new kids... too bad i don't still have those threads..

kodak gallery
has anyone else noticed that when you login to kodak gallery now-a-days they tell you that if you have more than 2 GBs worth of photos on file with them you need to spend a certain amount with them per year.. i have 5.6 GBs worth of photos.. and i just bought some pics so i have like 6 dollars to spend in the next 60 days or so. i think it's worth it..

PA trip
this weekend i am travelling to PA to see my sister and her family.. i'm also able to get the trailor out of my garage! yay!! i'm going to go to IKEA and buy some stuff... most importantly a horizontal bookshelf... some clocks, and maybe some window treatments. we're also going out to eat at The Melting Pot. finally my mouth has been watering since HEKd posted pics from the girls night the MA ladies had there eons ago. i also want to check out the raw food restaurant in lansdale that is across the street from my favorite pretzel place... i saw on their website today that the last friday and saturday of the month they hold special classes.. maybe i can check one out. EBH says that audrey loves raw food. so maybe auds and i will take a class. we're also going to check out a baby junk sale.. i need a pack and play for all the offspring my family (and friends) keep producing.

TAP into the MOST
my work is offering discounted tickets to TAP into the MOST. i was just telling KW that i really want to try to attend the next syracuse beer event as i feel like i've missed a bunch already this year, then this event floated into my inbox.. what kismet.. if anyone else local wants to go i think i can get you tix for $25... let me know.

mexico in less than 30 days
in approximately 3 weeks i will be showing off my new bathing suit in the riviera maya.. we arrive on monday at noon, and leave friday afternoon. and i have a feeling there will be 4 days of drinking in the pool in between. :) i am excited.. i had a blast last time i went to mexico, and i hope this resort is as cool as the last one was. i expect champagne or refreshing wine to be offered to me the second i step off the shuttle bus. i expect the wait staff and bartenders to flirt with us, i can't wait for the jicama to be crisp and slightly sweet, and i hope to be drunk every day. :) woo who! we have not planned any excursions, and i think that might be for the best. it will be cool to just relax.

flight of the conchords concert
immediately upon my return to boston from mexico i will need to drive like the wind from the airport to BU and meet jenny B for a flight of the conchords concert.. i watched their show on HBO from the beginning of the 1st season... and am sad that i don't have HBO now to watch the 2nd season. but it won't matter. i am sure they will kick ass. afterwards JBP, LK and i are going to get a hotel room in boston and party like it's 1999. :) my weekends surrounding my week in mexico are semi up for grabs. i have a couple of things (people) in mind that i want to make it a point to see.. so hopefully the stars will align properly and i will get to meet up with them.

relationship status
so.. i think i've crossed a bridge here and went ahead and updated my social networking relationship status to be "in a relationship". it's a threshold i haven't crossed in MANY years and it's new and exciting, but also scary.. hopefully things will continue to progress at a steady and incremental rate.