Monday, March 02, 2009

amazing race week 2 or 3...

sorry for the delay...

amanda and kris - hope - paid
cara and jamie - emily - paid
brad and victoria -dan - paid
christie and jodi - ryan - paid
lakisha and jennifer - mike
linda and steve - cathy
margie and luke - cathy
mark michael - mike
mel and mike - rebecca
tammy and victor - amanda

i think i indicated who has paid.. if that is incorrect, let me know and i will correct that..

i was so pleased to see that my gay family came in first yesterday! woot! maybe i do haev a chance.. but i am not feeling very hopeful when i keep hearing the dad whine about his groin pull..

that brother sister asian team could be so good, but that brother is kind of a dick.. they must of walked 37 miles up that mountain.. didn't he realize that when they weren't seeing ANY of the other teams they were going the wrong way. tsk tsk tsk.