Monday, March 09, 2009


things i can't wait to do once i get my new computer...
1. download itunes
2. make sure my ipod has the latest software
3. switch up my current songs...
4. download all my podcasts - adam carolla, bill simmons, NPRs Fresh Air, ricky gervais' latest
5. buy all the songs i've been earmarking as "need to buy" with my b-day itunes gift cards.

things i need to do in general...
1. visit the babies.. i saw the latest pics of auds and she looks to be growing like a weed. i assume teags is too, but i hardly see pics of her so i can't be sure.
2. get a pad of watercolor paper
3. print out some pics for framing (ireland, london, paris, mexico, friends & family), and get my cath pic printed on canvas.
4. go to ikea - need clocks, shelf, other cute accouterments
5. get new bathing suit for mexico
6. plan out my vacation schedule for the upcoming year