Tuesday, July 01, 2008

trivia, siding, in dreams and the last party

trivia is ON tomorrow.. me and mike and KW and her roommates are going to go. we haven't been in a million years. i've spent a bunch of time tonight loading up the ipod with pics of the babies to show the Ws.

all this month my roommates have been having their roof and the left side of their house reshingled. it seems as though they work like 1 day on 8 days off. its the slowest process i've ever witnessed.. but today when i came home i saw that they too all the shingles off, and are starting to reshingle. here are the pics.. it looks as though there was a window or maybe a door that has been shingled over... and they shingled over old siding... very interesting.

i saw "in dreams" tonight.. an RDJ movie. sucked!!!!! don't go see it. it was supposed ot be a horror story, but please! it mainly featured annette benning. she was horrible.. and RDJ was in it for about 20 minutes at the end, and this is the first movie i've seen where i really didn't enjoy his acting.

on the other hand, i saw "the last party" yesterday. that was worth seeing.. lots of personal stories interjected in RDJs documentary about the DNC and RNC and the election that made bill clinton president.