Monday, July 14, 2008

oh smashing pumpkins, how i love thee...

i know this is completely random, and i probably should say "billy corgan" how i love thee, but anyway..

this morning i was listening to TACS per usual when Teresa brought up courtney loves recent blog entry calling out billy corgan.. that set me off on a BC/SP tangent.. i have so many great memories tied into SP songs.. one of the first boys i kissed in college we had nicknamed "smashing" because of his similarity to billy corgan, that hookup ironically became the catalyst for a YEARS long feud between me and Bree.. the details of which i won't get into, but looking back now it was so silly..

the 2nd best concerts i've ever been to, (and i've actually been to MANY concerts now that i think of it) was SP's syracuse stop on the "melon collie and infinite sadness" tour.. SBH and i went and got our dance on.. after the concert we followed the tour bus up to the Sheraton where the band was staying and watched billy and his wife check in, tee heeing from the doors to the lobby with all the other fan boys and girls.. :) it was very exciting.. i couldn't have been older than 19 and SB was prob 15 at the time... great times.. i remember wanting a long sleeved ZERO t-shirt so badly.. i remember also thinking that it would be a good idea to tattoo a spider into my scalp about an inch above my ear.. i was shaving half of my head at the time to offset the thickness of my mane. good thing that tattoo inkling passed me by. :) i believe this was about the same time that SB and i pierced our tongues in a high school classmates bedroom.. he was a piercing apprentice... our tongues were so infected by the time my parents came home from that holiday weekend that we could not speak normally and cath knew right away that we had pierced our tongues.. i thought she was going to kill us.. luckily she just yelled at us and marched us out to "tell your father what you did"... luckily he just said "good!".... i had that piercing about 10 years... sometimes i wish i still did.. somedays i am almost motivated to re-pierce it.. i still have the hardware..

maybe i will look up in my photo albums and see if i can find some of my pictures of these events... and scan/post them...

that concludes my trip down memory lane. as you were!