Monday, July 14, 2008

trip down memory lane... the photo edition

okay, here are all the photos i could find that matched up with my last stories... and a few more, just cause i couldn't resist. ;)

this is "smashings". we made out. a couple of times.

i couldn't find any pics from the smashing pumpkins concert.. i must not have taken any..

i used to shave my head up to my temples.. and dye it all kinds of colors.. i used to have a sign on our dorm room door offering free head shavings.. wFischer took me up one time.. i don't think he ever came back.

wfischer and his partial haircut

this is the only pic i could find of my tongue piercing.. i know, not a flattering picture..

alright, these next photos i couldn't help but scan.

this is sean.. he is the one that started calling me brown shoes in college and it eventually led to my handle, brownshu. i feel like i have answered this questions a million times. here is a face to the story.

i love this pic. i took it on april 20th of '96 on the 9th floor of onondaga.. which i believe was livingstons last year.. this was the year i tried my damnest to get her to pull the fire alarm... what were they going to do? expel her?! she never pulled the alarm. :(

i love this picture... it was taken in july of '94.

i looked through all my photo albums for these pics... i really should scan all my photos and have them electronically.. there are so many good ones.

if anyone has any requests, send them my way.. i will be glad to post more pics.. i think maybe i will do a MV pre-wedding edition. :) she was a kissing bandit!