Monday, July 21, 2008

reporting live from Seattle

I'm in Duvall right now on a bench outside a coffee shop waiting for stacey to finish her PT appointment. Seattle is everything I dreamt it would be and more. Its absolutely gorgeous. There is green all around and water by the lake fulls.

S&Js house is adorable and so nice. My first day here we stopped for a tour of some if the microsoft buildings on our way into town, very interesting place, I was thrilled to have been able to have seen it. I took some souvenirs, you'll see them in the photos.

We went to see the dark knight and I don't know about you guys but it was crazy packed, and it wasn't even opening night. I liked the movie but thought it was insanely dark and even frightening at times. Heath was as good as everyone was saying though I thought. I'm still liking iron man more though.

Yesterday we did a harbor cruise and i took millions of pics. I think I have somewhere in the 300s of pics by now.

I haven't seen as many red sox fans here as I imagined I would. Weve seen a handful buy usually these away virore are just dripping with red sox nation.

We've been to pikes market a couple of times now and its so cute and bustling and has incredible opportunities for gorgeous pictures. Ive copied the GFG and taken some nice produce pictures.

Speaking of GFG we went to the impromptu cafe yesterday for dinner and our stomachs and tastebuds were delighted. The food was spectacular. We both got the beef medallions, it came with creamy polenta. We also shared a cheese plate. So delicious.

When stacey is done with her appt we are going to head into Seattle again and go to the stadium. I am interested in seeing what kinds of exotic ballpark food safeco will have. I talked to Cath today and she told me the sox were just swept by the angels. What what what! I hope they font lose to the last place mariners today.