Wednesday, June 18, 2008


its nearing 1230am, I am going to bed. I got word at nearly 11 that the dr was going to let them wait it out till morning and told them to try to get some sleep. I will get a call if anything goes down over night.

I just drove a half an hour into the hood to rent Chaplin at the closest Hollywood Video. It was a pretty decent movie. I dread driving back to return it though. I am beat... I have feeling tomorrow is going to come so fast. RHs parents and their dog got into town about 10pm tonight we are all waiting for the call. I really wish I had my camera cord with me so I could upload some of these pictures... They are prob going to have to wait till tomorrow when I get back to the cuse.

Alright, more tomorrow. Oh, and the celtics won I heard. Holy crap!