Monday, June 09, 2008

long weekend..

this movie seemed longer than it actually was. maybe it's because i did so many things, or maybe it was because i watched 5 movies on DVD.. in any case, i felt like the weekend went on forever.

first up was Taste of Syracuse friday night. KW and i went and despite the heat had a great time. there were a lot of people there. i wonder where all these people hide the rest of the year. i didn't think that many people even lived in syracuse. we tried all kids of food. i even had ribs for the first time.. they were DELICIOUS! i might even try them again sometime. :)

then i picked the drunkys up from their wedding in E. Syracuse. i went to bed relatively early on fri night. so i could read more of my book (more on that later).. Here are pics of the most serious baby alive.... baby haters be warned its 17-18 pics of teags...

saturday S&JH left early so they could make it to their 2nd wedding of the weekend. this allowed for plenty of movie watching.. i watched "Less Than Zero" while cath interneted and talked on the phone.. we went through the basement that afternoon scrounging around for items to hock at the upcoming garage sale. it's so freeing and exciting to designate items for sale or trash! i must admit it's one of my guilty pleasures.

the rest of that day i watched 2 more movies, "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" and "Restoration". i accomplished some of the "low hanging fruit" of tasks on my list of things to do. i am getting down to the more advantageous items.

sunday involved picking up after tearing the house apart for garage sale treasures, and going to the "greek festival". the food this year was the best i ever remember it. their gyros melt in your mouth, the meat is shaved so thin, and it seems like the pitas are slightly fried. oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! of course no greek festival is complete without a trip to the dessert room. i opted for the honey balls this year. i wish there was some place i could get these year round. once a year is just not enough! mike and cath got a sampler pack of baklava.. and that was insaney good too..

our stop at the greek festival was pretty short, so i had time to grocery shop and watch 2 more movies. "zodiac" and "cassandras dream".

even though it doesn't seem like much i must have crossed 5 or 6 things off my list. sweet!

quick movie reviews...

Less Than Zero
this is a very early RDJ movie.. it has andrew mccarthy (what happened to that guy?) and an ethnic looking girl that looks like the flashdance girl. RDJ is a co-main character and has a drug problem. it's so crazy '80s that it was comical. the acting was pretty horrible.. the clothes and hairstyles were worse. there is a scene where RDJ is giving someone a BJ to pay off drug debt though. if you haven't seen this movie, don't bother.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
this is a more recent RDJ movie.. but really, it's more of a Shia LeBeouf movie.. the two of them play the same character, old and young Dito.. it wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome. shia lebeouf was decent in it..

this movie was not good. it was crazy long and seemed to be 2-3 separate movies all strung together. the cover of the DVD promotes it as a RDJ and meg ryan movie.. couldn't have been farther from the truth. MR was in it for about 30 minutes. and it was almost the last 30 minutes. hugh grant was advertised on the cover as well and he was in it for about 5 minutes. big time sucked.

i'm a big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and to have two pieces of eye candy in the same movie was exciting.. until the story started dragging on and on and on.. i hated that the subtitles were so hard to read and extremely hard to follow.. they were always titled, "3 hours later", "2 weeks later", "one month later".. later than what?? the first killing!?, the last time they posted the date/time!?, since this god-awful movie started!? totally distracting and confusing.. and RDJs character pretty much drops out of the movie half way through. JGs character is kind of annoying.. chloe sveigny is in it and i can't disassociate her from that movie "the brown bunny"... if you know anything about that movie you will know why i can't get her character out of my head. i don't really like her either i've decided... "kids" was a movie that i think will stay with me forever, but i saw her in too many episodes of "big love" and i really don't care for that show.. has anyone seen this movie? what was the point of the scene where JG goes to the film guys house and into his basement? also something that i hated about this movie was after almost 3 hours you still don't know who the zodiac killer is. wtf!!! i guess i didn't realize how much i disliked this movie till just now. *deep breaths, deep breaths*...

Cassandras Dream
i ran out of RDJ movies to rent from the blockbuster cause i figured that the 7 i wrote down before i left on friday would be enough.. but of course blockbuster didn't have "the last party", "Friends & Lovers", "Two Girls and a Guy", The singing detective" or "Chaplin".. what!? wasn't that an oscar nominated film? they did have "joe vs the Volcano" though... insane... well, cassandras dream is a woody allen film with ewan mcgregor and colin farrell. sounds good on paper right? wrong. it was horrible.. CF had a terrible british accent, EM's character was dumb.. the movie is 2 hours i'll never get back. i should have watched "good night, and good luck"....

so... if any of those movies are on your queue, save yourself the trouble.. watch something else.. like LOST..

wow, i sound so angry... :) in good news, i am more than 3/4 of the way through "A Million Little Pieces". i was up till after 1am last night reading that book, i can't put it down at night. you prob already know but it's about addiction, he's the guy that was on Oprah that lied... blah blah blah.. i don't even care that it might not be true, it's damn good. i looked online and see that he has 2 more books, i will defintely be adding them to my list of books to read.