Monday, June 23, 2008


my glasses (which i really only wear in bed to watch some HGTV before i go to bed) have been getting looser and looser lately.. cath recommended i take them back to the optometrist office and have them tighten them up, so i popped in at lunch and some woman took them into the back and brought them back out to me like 7 minutes later and i tried them on, they felt much tighter, so i thanked her and left.

because i had my contacts in i couldn't tell if anything was wrong... until tonight when i took off my contacts and put them on. my first reaction was is my right contact still in? my second reaction was, maybe there is something smudged on the right lens. i was wrong on both counts...

somehow it looks like they bent the lens, it has a million stress marks in it.. similar to what plastic looks like when it gets bent. i can't believe it. i am going back tomorrow and i better not have to pay for this. i am going to need a new lens i think.


in other bad news.. i was delighted to see a video tape i bought on had arrived before i even got notification that it had been sent out.. i bought a used tape from someone. it is "the last party" a documentary that RDJ did the year clinton was elected. i've seen clips from it online, but have been dying to see the whole thing.

the tape is used and from a rental store.. i was excited to pop it n my vcr and watch a little of it before bed. well... my vcr had other ideas. first it was just blinking "2". so i turned it off and back on.. pressed play, nothing.. off, on.. nothing.. then i thought, maybe it needs to be rewound. that is when the vcr just shut off and i can't get it to turn back on. and the tape is stuck in there. jesus.. what more could go wrong? i was hoping to at least be able to get it out of the machine and maybe take it to work and break their machines. :)