Thursday, May 29, 2008

PT, round 1.

so far so good with the physical therapy. the process that my therapist is performing is heating up my foot, then scraping with various pieces of hard plastic 3 times from my knee down my calf and all over my heel.. he must have told me 19 times that i was going to hate him, and it was going to be very "uncomfortable". but it really wasn't.. maybe i have a ridiculous tolerance for pain, or maybe i'll feel it more next time, but all in all it was no big deal.. the point of the scraping is to break down the scar tissue that has built up, make it bleed, and have my body reabsorb it back into my body, and force the muscles to reheal in a better alignment that will be less painful and will be less likely to hurt/be reinjured in the future..

i'm optimistic that it will work..

tonight is the season finale of lost.. woo who!! 3 hours in a row. the first hour is a repeat of last week, but it will have some new footage.. can't wait!