Monday, May 12, 2008

baby shower weekend..

this weekend was EHs 2nd shower. yay! all the family showers are over forever!!!! (unless by some stroke of luck i get married and have a child). it was alarming how people just didn't care that EH was opening presents... very odd, that is usually the highlight of all the showers i've been to..

i was most impressed with my camera this weekend.. i turned the "red eye reduction" on in the camera itself, so for example, i was taking a picture of cath, and even with the pre-flash light it still gave red eyes.. well, then the preview image got this rectangular box over the eyes, and the camera took out the red eye before it saved it to my card. it was so cool! it doesn't seem to recognize dogs "green eye" though. that's fine with me though.... so cool!

here are the pics i took this weekend. beware baby haters, there are lots of baby pics in there.

this afternoon i took my car into mazda for an appraisal.. i gave "matt" my must haves and my monthly payment ceiling.. he said he'd call me back by the end of the day with what they could offer. he kept asking me which color i wanted. i must have told him 9 different times it doesn't matter to me.. the transmission is what matters, and air conditioning and power doors/locks. keep your fingers crossed..