Sunday, May 18, 2008

zoom zoom!!

so friday since i didn't have to go to work till late, mike and i drove up to watertown to talk to another mazda dealer. i honesstly thought i would drive up, they would look at my car, make me an offer, and i would ponder it, adn maybe make a decision this weekend. well... obviously i was talked into ditching my car, and driving the new one off the lot.. :) they gave me 1400 more for my trade in than the 1st place wanted to, and the best part is they didn't even drive it or anything.

its so exciting to have a new car... every car i've ever driven has been used. this one is quiet, shifts nice, smells good, has pretty much everything i need in a car... i am not so impressed with the gas mileage so far. i am not sure exactly how many gallons i can put in when i fill it up, and it might just be a smaller gas tank.. but i feel like i can watch the needle move.. :( my fingers are crossed that the tank is significantly smaller. :)

in other news.. i saw Iron Man today. i knew nothing of the character/hero, nor had i ever read the comic books... i had only heard everyone and their mothers talking about it, and had seen a couple interviews with robert downey.. i was kinda blown away. it was really good... like, really good... this movie was packed with testosterone and it was great. i have always loved robert downey and he did not disapoint in this film, and he was smokin hot! it makes me need to see him in a romantic leading man role again.. i know what movies are jumping to the top of my netflix queue.

here are the pics of the car and this weekend.