Friday, May 23, 2008

long weekend!

yay, a long weekend is upon us! like most weekends i will be driving out of town, i have decided to make my suitcase a permanent fixture in my room rather than packing it away under my bed after each trip.

tonight i will go to S&Js house to help cath corrupt babysit teagan. the plan is to take her for her first swim tomorrow morning. :) i wish my camera was waterproof.

after the inaugural swim i will head over a couple of towns to beautiful Hornell for a wedding shower followed by a bachelorette party. i feel like it's been a long time since i've been to a wedding shower. probably because my memories are filled with baby showers. how exciting to have some good old fashioned adult fun in store..

lucky for me i should have an hour or two to myself on sunday before my roommates return from Olean. unless i can convince them to stay till monday!

all in all, i am sure it will be a grand time. and who knows, maybe i will go see iron man again on monday. :)