Thursday, May 15, 2008

holy mad busy batman!

my claim earlier this week of being up to my eyeballs in work has now escalated to completely drowning. tomorrow is the "big night". i will be going into work at 5pm and coming home when we are done. most likely well after the sun has come up. :( anything over and above 8 hours will be OT though. :)

i can sleep in tomorrow though, that has to count for something! i am hoping to go up to watertown to meet with a 2nd mazda dealer and see what kinds of options i have.

i was hoping to watch a movie before work, but i don't think tht is going to happen..

i'm sitting here unwinding and waiting for the office finale to come on and cath insists on watching Ugly Betty... it's kind of a good show there are so many people in it that i recognize. one of my favorites is "gio", freddy rodriguez. rrrrrrr...

wants are going on sale tomorrow...

this website i frequent is run by a couple of artists that make paintings of things they want to buy and then sell the paintings for the cost of the item.. so anyway, they sent an email saying that they are releasing some more paintings tomorrow that are all in the vein of their upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

i highly encourage you to check out their site.. it's a wicked cool idea, i wish i had it first.