Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the day has come...

my poor accord has been beat to death. :( i think it would make the most sense to get a new car. MB and i went window shopping yesterday after work. i looked at some scions, nissans, and toyotas.. the toyotas seem too expensive. i don't like the looks of any of the scions... there were a couple of nissans that i liked. the sentra was not as crappy and ugly as i remember them being.. one car that caught my eye was the "versa". i had never heard of a versa... apparently they have been in europe for quite a while... they are cute and they come in a hatchback or a sedan. they have a cool audio package available where there is bluetooth built in, and you can control it by a button on the steering wheel... and you can also control the radio by the steering wheel too. essential car needs. :) however, of all the cars on their lot they only had 2 versas that were manual. and neither of them had that upgraded audio package.

the car i am currently obsessing over is the mazda 3. it seems to be the general census that the mazda 3 is a solid car.. well, actually.. KT said it was too sporty for her. so if the stars align themselves correctly cath and i will go and look at them tomorrow after work. i emailed the dealer and she assured me they have some 5 speeds in stock. i think steering wheel audio control is standard in the mazdas. :)

yesterday i got a package in the mail i was not expecting.. it was a desert colored wedding dress! woooo who!! from my uncle mark. looooove! it needs to be washed and softened out a little, but its cool! i've never seen the sand colored ones.