Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ohhhh, the sweet smell of sewer...

i'm up to my eyeballs with work right now.. and today to further add to the stress, the bathrooms in my building were out of order.. i had to choke back puke when i caught a whiff of the men's room. so the 2 bathrooms in our building were off limits, we had to truck over to the "other" building to use their bathrooms.. let me draw a diagram of what that looked like.

the green path is my usual path to the bathroom. the red path is the one i had to take today.. i pee about 13 times a day.. so this was very troubling.. i made this pilgrimage twice. :(

i had to stop and pick up some milk on my way home from work, and in the 5 minutes i was in the store with my phone in the car, i got the call i was waiting 2 days for from "Matt". he left me a message and said he would touch base with me first thing tomorrow.. his message said they have an approval for me, but i think he said it was higher than i wanted.... shocking... i'll have to see what his offer is tomorrow..

i almost forgot this till cath reminded me at dinner... last night i'm totally sleeping, and at 1am the shelf that contains all my art supplies and canvases and hello kitty stuff came crashing down onto me in my bed and onto the floor. luckily for fatty she wasn't sleeping on my bed last night. the shelf fell down exactly where she usually lays. she would have been seriously injured if not worse... Mike heard it and came upstairs on his way to bed and help dig me out of the debris. what a crazy night.. i can't help but wonder if its the universes "not so gentle" way of nudging me back into creating some art....

today this post popped up in my feedreader.. it is precious and soooo true... i strongly urge you check it out..