Friday, March 21, 2008

killer heartburn.

wow the past two days i've had 5 alarm heartburn by the time i get to work. i'd have to point to the common denominator of tomato on toast as the cause. :( but i love big juicy tomatoes sliced up and put on mayonnaise smeared healthnut bread with a sprinkling of salt and pepper on top. :( i dream about it at night...

i'm much better off heartburn wise if i stick to oatmeal. so sad.

teagan is growing like a little hairless weed. she is just about filling out her onesies now, her feet are soon not going to fit in them. they should start binding her feet right now.. she is also starting to be able to control her neck and she kinda whips it around like a little hammer.

i got a call from my dentist today saying that my crown has been approved! woot! another $300! plus did i mention i owe like $400 for taxes this year? i can't remember the last time i got money back that i could frivolously spend. oh, speaking of frivolous money.... i got my first paycheck from my part time job. $22.04. hell yeah! i'll be moving into a mansion in no time!!

totally random... the other day i got an unsolicited email from a stranger on facebook saying that i looked like i had downs. i didn't think strangers could message people that weren't their friends on facebook. in any case, that was nice, brightened my day!