Monday, March 17, 2008

st patricks day!!

is there anything better than sleeping in your own bed? i think not. i slept like a rock last night...

visiting with E&R, KW and the some of the Boston crew was a good time as always..

here are some of the highlights in no particular order...

  • waiting in line to get into a bar on the "erin bus tour" and having the cheese bus pull up and all the patrons on the street going crazy!

  • listening to the tour guide spew the sites rapid fire, auction style. when E started asking me what he was saying i lost it, laughing so hard i was crying.. i think it was so distracting the tour guide took notice

  • sneaking in the 4 seasons decked out in St Pattys garb to use the bathroom

  • i tried on a handful of lip plumping lip glosses at sephora. each one didn't seem to "work". well, all of a sudden they caught up to me. whoa! burning...

  • walking all over the mall and then philidalphia the next day and not feeling like my foot was burning off.

  • i took some crappy pictures, because my camera is so crappy, and when i weed out the REALLY bad ones, and title them i will post the link.. and add to the highlights. :) my brain is not working to its full capacity right now.

    sadly, i haven't been walking around lately composing blog posts in my head. what what what is happening to me?!

    monday is the best day for me podcast wise.... this morning i came in to a full day of Adam Carollas show, one from Bill Simmons (with either jack-o or adam - both winners in my opinion), and a LOST podcast from last week. then greatest day ever!!

    wtf.. i just emailed the woman that had contacted me about the april art show because i haven't heard from her.. well, she emailed me right back and said that the april show is all full and if i wanted i could be in the august show. wtf... so mad!

    on tv tonight is the premiere of dancing with the stars.. i can't wait to see adam. :)