Monday, March 03, 2008

of course...

it seems like each time i go to the Y (once a month, sometimes once every 2 months) my card makes that "you can't go in beep" when the lady scans it. yesterday was no different.. the old lady scanning doesn't know what is wrong and asks me to step aside as i could see she was getting anxious about the line piling up behind me. a younger more relaxed woman looks at the screen and says, "are you on a family membership? did you just turn 26?" of course... it was just MY birthday.. and i turned "26" thus making me ineligible to be on the discounted family plan with my roommates. :( and i can't prove that i make less than 26K, so i have to pay the full $46 a month now. great.. that is going to be a total waste of money now. i wonder if they have a pay as you go plan.. cause $46 a trip is way too much.

yesterday after our hella productive days cath and i went to wegmans.. i am not sure why cath always agrees to go there since she usually has a melt down somewhere between the bread area and the "natures market" area... this time she made it all the way to the dairy freezer.. she spied one of her coffee creamers in the bottom row of the freezer door but there were only a couple and they were farther than an arm lengths back in the chute.. so she ever so gracefully grabs the plastic chute and starts herky jerking it around in an effort to shake one down so she could grab it.. well. there were a couple teenage boys in the freezer on the other side restocking the missing products and one of them said to her "hey you don't have to break the shit to get it out". cath was dumbfounded and starting shouting about how one of the employees swore at her to anyone that would listen... it was hysterical... on our way out of the store she stopped by the managers podium and told them. oh, it was so funny..