Saturday, March 08, 2008

effed in the A by ebay.

ugh, i am mad. i was just telling cath on our way home from the fischers that i was excited cause my ebay auction for 4 of the phillies tix i have ends tomorrow. however... i got home and had a message saying that my tickets had sold for 5.50. meanwhile, they are $10 a piece face value. and i *swear* i put a $40 reserve price on them. well, apparently i didn't now i have to give this guy 4 tickets for $12.50. and he wants me to make sure i mail them out on monday.

i am so pissed. i am not sellign the rest of my tickets on ebay. only craigslist.

PF taught me a very valuable newsgroups lesson this afternoon too. now if i only had unlimited hard drive space...