Friday, January 02, 2009

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i was so pleasantly surprised on wed when i went home from work to see that my driveway was meticulously plowed.. and he had of course done the sidewalk and walk way.. and i was still able to get into the garage. i was also impressed to see him later in the night stopping by to hand shovel out the end where the city plows had pushed snow into the end of my driveway. this 2nd plow guy is great!! i might have to hire him for next year too!

with cath and mikes help i was able to get all my furniture set up and put away. my bedroom looks so adult-like now! i had to trade my push pin lamp in for something more sophisticated. Christmas Tree Shops is the place to go for lamps.. i got the cutest lamps for $10 a piece including the shades. i will take pics when i have a free moment and post them.. my upstairs bedroom is all set now for my guests tomorrow, except for there is no heat up there and it kind of feels like you are outdoors.. :( i have an HVAC guy coming today at lunch to look at it and hopefully get that zones heat working for under $300. say prayers for me.

i finally found a keyholder. 4-5 stores and $300 later!! it's dangerous for me to go shopping when i have so much to furnish... i bought a crappy over the door shoe holder and 1. it broke when i was putting it together, and 2., it doesn't work with my doors. it breaks them. ugh.. that was $5 wasted.. i also bought a large exercise ball intending to use it as a chair.. but it's too small. :( i should take it back. 6 dollars is 6 dollars. i think i am going to get one that will go "in" your closet, and load it up with summer shoes and put it in the cedar closet downstairs.

i requested the city send me 2 recycle bins. it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to do that on their website.. needless to say it sucks, very crappily organized.

i wish i'd start feeling better... i woke up this morning with a cough that was clearly mucusy.. my throat still hurts. i can't tell if my glands are swollen cause pretty much my whole body is swollen all the time ;) one of my prescriptions ran out and my dr won't just give a prescription to my new mail order rx place until i come and see her.. ugh. then it will take the mail order place like another month to fill it.. i might as well stop taking it by then.. ugh. i hate prescriptions and doctors.

i'm hoping to get 90% of my stuff done/put away tonight so maybe i can start putting together my year in review photo album.. but all my pics are now on cds cause my old lappy $hit the bed.. it's going to take longer than usual.. oh well.. it's always worth it, and good for ending the old and starting the new!