Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm going to cancun!

i finally booked my room for cancun.. unfortunately my roommate backed out, so i will be rooming by myself. could be fun, could be lonely and depressing. we'll see in April i guess. the woman told me however that if anyone decides they want to go i can still add them to my reservation, so if you have a passport... and are suddenly finding yourself with a change of heart or some extra tax refund money and want to have a blast in April in Mexico, let me know. someone going mentioned going ziplining through the jungle... how fun would that be? it'd be like being on a reality show!! wooo who!

i am about 90% done with my year in review album. i've been putting it into facebook as i put it into kodak, so many of you have probably seen parts of it already.

i've been reflecting on what a good year i had in 2008, i'm almost afraid that 2009 won't be able to stack up in comparison..