Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wednesday is my new favorite day.

is it sad that i look forward to a day when i only work 1 job? i have come to love wednesdays.

tonight i pick up a tv i am buying from someone on CL.. its a 17" LCD flat screen. i am thinking it will be best in either my bedroom or in the back room for the treadmill... we'll have to see when i get it home.

yesterday i finally met with a lawyer about my speeding ticket. it turns out that it wasn't even a speeding ticket.. she made a "roadside reduction" the lawyer said. she reduced it to a failure to obey traffic device. its a 2 point violation instead of a 4 point violation. but anyway.. if i plead guilty and took the points i would be charged an extra fee for acquiring 6 points in 18 months. so hopefully i will not get any points for this. i should have known it was going to cost me a small fortune though for this lawyer when i saw 5-6 model ferraris in this guys office. :( ontop of his fee i need to pay the ticket which will cost anywhere from $1-200 alone. :( i live an expensive life. lol.

i hope to be in bed by 9pm tonight, i've not gone to bed before 12 since Sunday. but i did start reading LKs book Live From New York, its very compelling.