Wednesday, January 07, 2009

so green.

i asked the city for 2 blue bins and they delivered 3! wooot! so exciting, now i can get my recycle on. i am also impressed that they took all my trash from last week. it was a ton.

so i texted the 1st crappy snow plow and asked where my money was!! he texted me back to say he was going to give me a full refund next week. he better!!

i'm still ill... i took a benadryl and nyquil last night and slept like a log... i'll be repeating that little cocktail again tonight. i'm hoping to get my hearing back by this weekend.

making shakes every morning is really a good use for my decaying produce.. i have two tomatoes and some slimy spinach that are going to be making it to the blender tomorrow morn.

i thought 30 rock was going to be new tonight.. oh wait. that is on thursdays...

i took photos of the house in progress for you nosey nubs.