Saturday, January 10, 2009

i'm liking living by myself.

until now i have never been the sole inhabitant at my address. i've always had roommates, their pets, parents, etc. i was not really sure how i was going to like living on my own, with noone to come home to, noone to assume the "robber" is going to kill first, noone else possibly responsible for the strange noises.. but i must admit it's kind of great. i can leave my shoes in the middle of the living room, have my computer set up with the cords stretching all across the room, burn candles, leave lights on. take as many showers as i want. watch what i want, leave food out all night if i don't feel like putting it away. watch whatever i want on tv.. wake up whenever i want on weekends and do what i feel like (or not). it's very freeing and not scary or lonely yet.

with that in mind i woke up at about 1230, checked my email to see that my sisters will most likely not be attending my b-day party, my mom is giving away my artwork, ate a pretzel bite that i left out on tin foil from dinner last night and watched me some jimmy kimmel...

now that is the life!

hopefully today i will walk on the treadmill (after reading LKs post, if size 14 is fat, i'm in trouble), make a list and hit the grocery stores, do some laundry, hang some artwork, scan a check, and put some more stuff away.

or not.