Sunday, January 18, 2009

productive weekend.

i had a very productive weekend.. i don't want to calculate how much money i spent though. it started friday when i met mike and cath after work for some TV buying.. i ended up buying two tvs.. one 40 inch sony bravia and one smaller one for the basement, it's something in the 30" range. the sales people at bestbuy must not work on commission, our sales girl was not friendly at all.. she acted like she was too cool for school and we were there annoying her... but cath has seen my tv in ads and says it is much more than i paid for it. i got the floor model for 899..

this is the living room tv i got.

setting it up to work with the cable was a feat in itself. first off, we (and by we i mean mike) broke the bookshelf that E&R put together for me. we tried moving it without taking the photo albums off and it was disastrous for the leg of the bookshelf. thankfully i was able to screw it back on saturday. we put all the tvs in their new homes (basement, living room and brick room....) and mike only broke 2 of the blinds on the window in the process. he really is like a bull in a china shop. :)

after mike and cath left i tried to fix my internet connection... wasn't happening.. i had to call back saturday morning and someone had to come out to the house to out in a signal booster.. since then i've not had any internet problems. phew!!

this is the couch i ordered.. its so cute and comfortable.. its not white though, its a seafoam green.

saturday cath and i went furniture shopping at ashley furniture.. it was a very productive trip. i ended up ordering a couch set.. its so cute, seafoam green, i got the sleeper couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman. tomorrow i will go back and add counter top table, and sofa table to my order.. then i will be so ready for my party.

i've put a bunch of photos in this album of my shopping trips and my new tvs...i also posted the pics from my raw dinner last weekend..

so delicious looking.

today i went to two of my neighbors doors and one of them peeked out their window and didn't answer.. and the other more important one (the retired lady across the street) answered and invited me in and gave me a little bit of the scoop on the neighborhood. i am so glad i finally talked to her because she is the woman that sits in her window watching everything all day and night. my ninja turtle neighbor rents and works at ricos i heard... and she said there is a younger couple that moved in within a year next door to her.. i'll have to keep an eye out for them and be sure to introduce myself. other than that she said the neighbors are mostly all old people.

i've been working on my year in review album all evening.. i hope to finish it before i go to bed.

oh, and the snow plow guy returned my money, finally..