Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i feel like the only person working today.

i need to book my Mexico trip who is going to be my roommate? if you want to fly out of philly with me i will share my travel companion pass with you.. as of today the week at the resort cost $480 for arrive Monday - leave Saturday. that price doesn't include airfare.

i stayed up wayyyy too late last night. but... i put together my new shelf with only one piece in backwards... and reformatted my computer and updated it, and installed an anti-virus program.

i have not heard yet from the furniture guy about when he is delivering my stuff... he said today or tomorrow on Sunday...

we are getting more snow.. and it's so lovely to skid and trudge down my not plowed streets in the morning.. hopefully by the time i go home they will be plowed. how dare the city not plow my streets. what do taxes go towards?

i'm going to have my first MA guests this weekend. L&TM are going to be passing through Syracuse on Saturday so they intend to stop in and stay the night Saturday night. this will be the first time that LM has visited me in Syracuse in about 9 or so years. well overdue.

hope everyone has a great new year celebration tonight.