Monday, December 22, 2008

i officially live in the 'cuse!

a number of you have already asked me for my new address.. but if you still need/want it, email me rebecca at brownshu dot com.

since i moved this past saturday mere hours after a huge snow storm rolled through CNY, i was scrambling on friday to secure someone to plow my driveway... i was referred to a guy who does residential plowing.. he said he could plow me out the whole season (including sidewalks and walkways) for $225. another "plus" about this guy is that whenever there is 2" of snow on the ground he will come, not 3" like other plow companies. after a lot of pondering i decided to go ahead with this.. i fantasized about waking up in the morning to a plowed driveway, and coming home from work to a plowed driveway..

saturday morning when we showed up at the house to pick up the trailer, the driveway was plowed, but he had kind of piled it in front of the garage.. wtf... we had to dig out the edges so we could get the trailer out.. no big deal, i'll juts have to tell him not to plow the garage in and put the snow in the yard...

he calls saturday night, i don't have time to listen to his VM till sat night.. sunday i wake up late (1030) and get ready to run errands at about 330.. i put in a call to the snow plower, he answers and wants to know if i will be using my garage.. i will. because of the narrowness of my driveway he decides he'll have to drive in, drop the plow, pull the snow backwards, and then back out of my driveway only to reverse back up it and push the snow out (and into the snowbank across the street?). sounds good to me.. he's on his way to my house then.. so i anticipate a fresh clean driveway on my way back from the grocery store, which is good, cause it was a little hairy getting out... when i get home i see another set of tracks, but still an s-load of snow. after the 3rd try i get up my driveway and see that the snow has been pulled away from my garage about a cars length and that is it.. wtf!

i get inside and about an hour later get a call from the snowplower.. his power steering died in the middle of my driveway.. he is profusely apologetic. he'll be over later with a snowblower. an hour or so later he shows up in a station wagon with a shovel. he shovels out the end of my driveway and then rings my doorbell.. more apologies. he's giving me a $25 credit. and someone will be by with a snow blower...

when i went to bed at 1030 there was no snowblower to be seen.. i didn't realize it was going to snow this morning until i heard a list of school closings and delays at 630 this morning. :( of course i wouldn't be plowed out cause mr snowplow told me that his part was ordered and the mechanic was going to fix it monday.. :(

i had high hopes for the driveway when i went home between jobs but they were dashed when it took 4 tries to get up the driveway this time. i am saying a prayer to allah that someone came by between 530 and 10 to plow. but i feel like i might be parking on the street tonight. :(

that comfort of that garage is so close, yet so far away!!

in other news... big thanks to my former roommates and KW for helping me move on a blistery cold saturday, i couldn't haev done it without them...

i have received so many xmas cards! only cards actually. i haven't told the post office about my new address yet! it's been so nice to see pics of everyone's kids when i open my mail.. shame on you parents though that don't get in the pics with your kids... wtf... you better next year.