Monday, December 08, 2008

Amanda Wins $100!!!

congratulations to ACH!!!

i was so glad nick and starr won last night.. i wanted them to win, they worked so well together!

so.. i have my money, SH's and ACH's money. cath is going to give me hers, mikes, E&RHs and JHs.. so that just leaves HEKD & DDs money.. HEKD, want to send me $20? you cna prob send it to my new address if you want.. i should be closing no later than the 11th.

rebecca aja and ty (ninjas)
cathy andrew and dan (frat boys)
mike mark and bill (comic book geeks)
amanda nick and starr (brother & sister)
ryan terence and sarah (newly dating)
emily anthony and stephanie
hope ken and tina (football player & cheated on wife)
dan marisa and brooke (southern idiots)
sarah kelly and christy (divorcees)
jr toni and dallas (mom & son)