Wednesday, December 10, 2008

thoughts on the eve of my closing.

  • i am so surprised that there have been pretty much no hiccups in this sale/purchase. i've heard a lot of horror stories, but this has been pretty painless so far.

  • i wonder why people keep wishing me "good luck". is something going to happen at the closing table that i don't know about? do i have to give a speech? am i going to be expected to know a bunch of stuff that i've failed to study for? i don't understand the well wishes...i'm under the impression that if i show up at the designated time with a certified check that all i need to do is sign a million papers and then they hand me the keys.

  • it still hasn't fully sunk in that i have achieved my 2008 goal of buying a house by the end of the year. i think when i finally move in it will seem more real

  • we did the final walk through today and i was relieved to see that they left the bar.. i've been kind of worried that they might have taken it afterall...phew!!

  • i got a call from the lawyers today with the amount i need to make my certified check for and it's about 1K more than i was anticipating... and my contact at the mortgage company has left, so i'm dealing with 3 people that i get the impression really don't care about my case... hopefully things get worked out in time...

  • my new drive to work will pass by a "jreck subs". life is good. another interesting thing to note is, i pass by this graveyard that has a house that is essentially in the graveyard, not 2 feet away from the house on 3 sides are headstones.. it's crazy.. i will totally take pictures at some point.

  • i have crazy amounts of things to buy for this new house. i don't even know where to start.... probably with some furniture..then a tv... then a spare bed... a matching set of silverware would be good. ahhh. the excitement!!!