Saturday, December 13, 2008

who wants to help move some stuff sunday?

it's sat evening and i have had the night to myself since about 6. granted, i had a 2 hour drive, but it was alone time! woot..

i spent most of my day assisting SBH move yet again. i should have my own room in her house by now.. it was good to see though that she's changed her moving style from "bag it up, throw it out" to "kinda box it, and keep it". her new house is cute.. i took a lot of pictures. unfortunately i took them after we were all moved in, so it looks kinda new orleans, post katrina right now. but i am sure that the busy bees got most of it squared away after i left.

tonight i am trying to burn all the important files off my lappy so that i can reformat it. it's still sucking big time. and burning these files is painfully slow.

last night mike and KW helped me move the stuff i brought back from PA (everyone's favorite futon) to the new place hoping to avoid any (further) damage from the elements.. so for the meantime, i will have some sort of sitting device, while i shop for furnishings. there is a syracuse hotel sale going on next week.. they are selling all their furnishings.. i think i might check it out.. i always admire hotel furniture, mainly the lamps... but maybe i can get some decent things...

after moving last night KW and i went to tokyo seoul.. guess what they have? rice cakes!! omg. they were delicious. i hadn't had kimchi in a long time, and it was also very tasty.

so tomorrow i am going to be moving what i can.. i would welcome anyone that wants to help, seeing as my roommates laughed at me when i asked them this afternoon to help me tomorrow.