Wednesday, December 24, 2008

some thoughts before i drive out to rochester for the holiday

1. i fired the old plow guy and got a new one. thanks SLI for referring him to me. he costs more, but if his work is any bit a good as he did it last night, then he's worth it. now i just hope that the first plow guy sends me my refund.

2. i was able to buy and wrap everything i needed to last night. phew!!! i'm totally prepared for gift exchanging.

3. i'm sure EBH will have more to say about this, but i just heard that murphy broke into and ate half a cannister of infant formula... i'm praying that the consequences are realized at SBHs house, not mine. :)

4. anyone that is reading this and wants to join us out in syracuse Saturday night is welcome.. the grandparents are going to babysit!

5. my annual "year in review" photo album is coming, but i am afraid it won't be up until January.. i have been more busy than usual this year.. (plus i need to rebuild my computer and get some internet..)

6. merry christmas everybody.. and happy hanukkah to my jewish readers.