Thursday, December 18, 2008

babies don't remember their first christmas right?

it just occurred to me the other day that i have no presents for anyone (besides my 1 secret santa person). i guess that is the point of picking names right? nothing for the babies even.. but i argue that the babies will never remember what they got, nor will their little fingers be able to open the wrapping paper anyway..

maybe i can get everyone bags of chips from my work cafeteria, seeing as that is the only place i have time to visit. :) actually i have something in mind for every ones stocking.. i just have to carve out time between 9-9pm to go to the store. you'd think that wouldn't be impossible right.. well it is.

this weekend i am moving the rest of my stuff into my new house. cath and i (mostly i) packed up the majority of my stuff last night. cath was genuinely disappointed that i didn't have "more stuff" hanging out around the house. i think she thought the place was going to be cleared out when i left.. she got the rude awakening that it's her crap that is all over the place not mine. :)

if cath has a snow day tomorrow likes she thinks she does i am going to be bullsh!t! she has had two "delays" already this week. i need the snowday, not her... ugh...

the Hotel Syracuse sale was not that impressive. the hotel shut down in 2004, and the furniture was crazy outdated back then.. it's just dustier now.. there were a bunch of pieces from stickley though. very used.. nothing that i really would want.. if i were forced to buy something it would have been nightside stickley tables.. or a circular table with a post in the middle and 3 feet to it.. but you had to pay cash, and i wasn't going to shell out 50-100 per item..

hopefully once i get all my stuff into the house i can assess what i need as far as bookshelves, etc.. i'm hoping to be able to do all that kind of fun shopping on sunday.

i've recruited KW, but anyone else that wants to help me and my roommates on saturday mid morning is more than welcome to help.. i'll get you some lunch. :)