Monday, December 29, 2008

xmas is over, let the fun begin!

after a somewhat rocky xmas, i'm ready to really start really living in my new place! this past weekend i managed to purchase a bedroom set, and secure a spare mattress for my upstairs bedroom. i also found some book cases after looking at a few big furniture chains and other stores. i found the ones i liked the most at target.. shockingly..

i set up my printer and its way more printer than i need. i'll have to think of some reasons to print stuff though, i don't want the cartridges to dry up. the best part about it is that its a network printer, and will even work wirelessly. shiiiiiit.

i've finally uploaded the random pics i've been collecting on my camera.. they can be seen here...

here is a little taste of what is behind the click.

we also shot our annual xmas photo this year...there are some great ones...