Monday, December 01, 2008

omg, my 1,000 post!!!

i really wanted to title this post 8 effing hours, because that is how long it took me to get home from NYC yesterday. ridiculous.

before all the exciting details, i am sad to report that my computer was acting strange before i left last saturday, and after the week off, it's still broke. so upsetting.

i put the vhs copy of RDJs "last party" on the amazon store, and it sold this weekend!! someone paid $25 for it! yay!

when i was in PA i had my snow tires put on, and with all the driving (or sitting on the highway) i did yesterday i noticed that my speedometer is off by like 3 miles... and it feels like these tires are much slower, almost like i am driving with my e-brake on...

so after the holiday i went to NYC and met up with the boston ladies...

friday B&MK met us and showed us the ropes in Chinatown, and how to get the "good bags". it was fun, i had never been to a back room before, i am glad we were all together, it could have been scary.

we wandered around for an hour at least, looking for joes shanghai on Pell St. when we finally found it there were like 80 people waiting outside, so we ended up going back to the italian restaurant that promised us free glasses of sangria. i'm kind of glad we did because i had carpaccio. it was raw beef with asiago cheese and capers, and greens.. it was so delicious i am on the quest to have it again.

i am happy to report that i did not choke myself to sleep, nor throw up in the middle of the night friday night.. or saturday for that matter.. i did so well.

saturday we started off the day with a SATC tour. AR kicked pigeons all over our cupcake stop. the reason for the trip, equus, was sooo good.. it was a play that was set in a mental hospital, very minimal stage... it was totaly dark, and also inspiring.. the narrator character was the psychiatrist and he comes to an epiphany where he is jealous of daniel radcliffes character's passion... who doesn't love passion? i sure do!! that is my immediate goal, to figure out what my passions are and get them back! there were 6 "horses" in the play, and they wore the coolest shoes... i can't seem to find them online anywhere.. sorry.

sunday's traffic was horrid... i was driving through the lincoln tunnel at about 1:30, and i didn't get to fayetteville until 9:40.
but one cool and scary thing was when i decided to get off at an exit and let the GPS tell me how to get home avoiding 81N, i was driving through the dark of rt 11, and this scary trestle popped up in my peripheral vision...

i will totally drive by this in the daylight.. i love bridges.