Friday, September 09, 2005

heartburn again...

last night was WW. i lost 1.6, bringing my total up to 6.4 (in case you are keeping track). after the meeting i went up to chelmsford to tammys house to watch the pats game. after i scarfed down 3-4 pieces of pizza, i drank a bottle of wine. for some reason i have a inexplicable tolerance for wine. i had no bad feelings this morning (aside from being exhausted) from it. very weird. and i was tired from the acid reflux that kept me up all night. i woke up at least once every hour. it was so nice. i love not sleeping.

i met with keith again today. and i think i like her even more. i gave her my journal.... i'm curious to see what she has to say about it. i realized that its really just a collection of sad, sad hurtful vulnerable times in my life. and its repetitive. :) how ironic.

we talked about my artwork, and it just so happened that i had some photos of my college stuff. she really responded to my charcoal drawing of the woman and child that is on brooklea. most people do.

LK and i went to see red eye tonight. it was okay, i think that rachel mcadams is really good.

i am beyond exhausted. i have to leave tomorrow between 630 and 7. i don't know why i keep thinking that burlington is 2.5-3 hours away. its 5 hours!!!! shiiiiiit.

woooot. i'm going to bed.