Monday, September 05, 2005

drs appts galore.

so i have 2 drs appts tomorrow, and one on thursday. so exciting!

i haven't been to the dentist in a LOOOONG time, i am a little nervous to go. anyone want to make any bets on how many cavities i am going to have? let me just tell you that last time i went to the dentist i had something like 11 cavities. or 8 cavities and 11 "spots". i have at least 2 chipped teeth, that could lead to at least 2 cavities. shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

so i found out something interesting this weekend. i can sit on the toilet and still watch tv. how many people can say that? this apt is pretty sweet. :)

this week katies boyfriend comes to visit. should be a good time, he supposed to come to trivia next week. i need to remind him to bring me some of the beer he talks about...

i think i am going to VT on fri or sat. :( but its going to cost me like $70+ just to get there. :(

i got my atm card back too btw. phew!