Wednesday, September 07, 2005

new dr is nice.

so i met with my new dr last night, she is nice. she's a professor at harvard too. i'm actually kind of excited to talk to her, its been a long time coming. i'm allowed 24 visits per calendar year. shiiiiit! it used to be 8. wow.

i have another appt friday and then another one tuesday. looks like i am going to be going a couple times a week, at least until the wedding. i'm gonna be drained... i had a hard time getting to sleep last night. too many ideas and memories running around in my brain. :( i've also been trying not to sleep with my laptop. aside from yesterday, its been good so far. i had to fight the urge last night to go out to the living room and retreive it so i could distract myself from myself. :)

so this saturday i am going to spend 2 tanks of gas and go up to VT to visit anna and david, and kerri and john and their hoards of children. i'll be sure to take pictures. i'm also making the obligatory stop at the brewery. wooo who. i love that place, and i have 3 empty growlers in my kitchen! too bad lee is unavailable to go. anna was asking if he was going to come and get a jump on his xmas shopping this year. :)

speaking of lee, he is having people over to his girlfriends house to watch the pats defeat the raiders tomorrow. should be a good time, per usual.

speaking of children my friend lori is due any minute now, unless she's already had it. i need to contact those maryland girls.