Thursday, September 15, 2005


so the pulled pork turned out well. i can't believe how easy it was. i guess you can make pulled chicken too. maybe someday i will do that.

LM got off his chest all the things he wanted to tell me about JT's wedding. i am getting a little bit better picture of what to expect in october, but what i was not expecting was "choose your own seat".. wtf? who does weddings like that? :(. but i'm starting to feel more at peace with the whole NS situation, his g-f is not american either. phew, for some reason that makes me feel better. i think that now my anxiety is directed a little more towards seeing, possibly talking, to JT. to be honest, i'm not even sure how i feel about that guy. but i do know that i've been writing about him in my journal for years now. i'll have to tell this mini break-thru to keith so we can focus our attention that way.

survivor starts tonight. wooot! i am not sure i lost this week. i was having a "challenging week" to begin with, and then throw the growler of real beer i drank last night into the mix and i'm praying for "stay the same"...