Wednesday, September 14, 2005

pulled pork is cooking!!

so the pulled pork is cooking, hopefully all day on high is good cause cath didn't email me back this morning abt if all day on high was too long. i'm sure it will be fine.

we lost at trivia last night. but i had a good time doing it. we've gotten to be a little "competetive" with this team of guys called "balls deep". they're young, but they flirt with us, well, one does. its cute.

there has been some discussion amongst the girls about not doing trivia night anymore. some say that we suck, and we will never win, so why play, other people say that the only reason they go is to socialize, i am feeling like i am the only one that genuinely goes to play the trivia. i really like the bar, the bartender is cool, the trivia guy is really cool, the waitress could be way better, but overall i think its a blast each and every time. i think that regardless of the wishy washy players, i am going to continue to go even if i am just like the "osama bin laden" dollar bill guy playing by myself. it'll be cheaper, that's for sure. last night i put the bill on my card and took everyones cash since i have zero dollars in my checking account until october, and ended up paying $63... shiiiiiiit.

anyone that wants to come on tuesdays and play with me is more then welcome. i love trivia.