Thursday, September 29, 2005


my trusty google desktop is telling me that fayetteville is 20 degrees cooler then we are right now. holy crap. then i just read this story, and power is out all over CNY, shiiiiiiit.

the corpse bride was kinda cute. it was short 1.5 hours... the night to go to the movies is wed night. it was dead. so awesome, and the pretzel nuggets were fresh out of the oven. apparently katie had never had them before, you would have thought someone gave her crack. she must have said about 35 times how much she loved the pretzels.

tonight is my companies dinner at the top of the hub. i'm not allowed to go, but jen and LK are going. :( so jealous. i haven't heard anything abt the bachelorette party, so i think i am just going to end up watching survivor and eating popcorn. and csi.

i had my eyebrows waxed at lunch today cause when i tried to go last night the 3 nail salons i went to near katies house couldn't do it. and right before i went into the first one i got a real urgency to go to the bathroom (if you know what i mean), but they didn't have waxing, so i hobbled across the street to the 2nd place, nada, at this point i'm seriously considering going #2 behind someones car on mass ave in arlington. it just wasn't going to wait, it was burning its way out! luckily the movie theater was kind enough to let me go there, they must have seen the beads of sweat running down my face and the terror in my eyes...

i forgot to mention my latest "neighbor" story...

i was awoken last night at 230 to the neighbors yelling at each other about cigarettes. from what i can tell there is a woman and her son that live next door, maybe a girl too, but she may just be a girlfriend of the son... so anyway, the son is demanding a cigarette from the mother, the mother is saying that she is not going to give "jeremy" her last cigarette, then she tells him to go to bed. he says he's not going until he gets a cigarette. then he says, "and don't wake me up tomorrow". she claims she's going to. such trash these people are.

wtf!!!! why are they up at 230 in the morning?