Monday, September 12, 2005

big news!!

the biggest best news is that LK bought a new wireless router! its a netgear super g. we came home and immediately set it up, this time we got it to be secure. this is the best day ever!!!

aside from that fabulous news, i am trying out some new hair products. its the aussie foam/leave in conditioner. and the mousse/LIC. wooo who. the foam worked okay today, my hair was definitely curlier.

i am trying to make pulled pork on wednesday night. wish me luck. i hope there are no other pork loins then "tenderloins"... otherwise i bought the wrong thing.

i need some help locating some mp3s, if anyone knows where i can get the following mp3s for free or a dollar, i'll be your best friend:

rihanna - pon de replay
the decemberists - sixteen military wives
jessica simpson - these boots were made for walkin
pussycat dolls - don't cha

trivia should be fun tomorrow night. lots of people are coming to meet katies b-f. hopefully they bring their thinking caps.