Thursday, September 22, 2005

so many things i love....

i was thinking in the shower this am that i LOVE aussie hair conditioner. no matter how tangly and ratty my hair feels when i'm done shampooing, the aussie conditioner gets it all out silky and smooth!

i also love to order things online and get them in the mail. my cd's arrived right on schedule this am... so nice!

i also love my new cell phone. although i prob won't recognize my new ring for a month or so, so be sure to leave messages. another thing i love about sprint in general is that they were able to transfer my phone book off my old phone into my new one, and the numbers that didn't make it, they printed out for me.

i also love my cubemate, he offered out of the blue to get me lunch cause i was so stressing this am, then he went and got it and everything..

i also love dropping my laundry off at the laundromat so they can wash it while i work today. only $15 for 20 lbs of laundry. woot! what i am going to love more though, is the way they fold it, and hang my delicates.

then when i get home tonight, i am going to love some magic hat #9 for dinner, and love watching survivor and csi.