Sunday, September 11, 2005

fun with the fleurys.

i had a great time this weekend. i went up saturday to visit the fleurys and the briens. i took a really long way on the way there. i was almost in canada.

the children were so well behaved i was so impressed. ethan is almost talking. he's really smart too. he completely understands everything that we say, and he's at the stage where he is testing his boundries. he does somehting he knows he's not supposed to do and then he looks at his parents to see if they are watching...

hailey is so little and sleepy. she slept a lot of the time i was there, when she wasn't sucking on anna.

connor is so cute too! he is quite a bit larger then hailey, and he has kerris big eyes. he's about as vocal as ethan, i wonder if he'll start talking before ethan.

i went to the magic hat brewery too. :)

i was home in time to go grocery shopping, and i had time to make this most delicious quiche that i cooked in the cupcake tins, so they are individual sized. sooo soooo good.