Monday, September 05, 2005

another saturday night.

katie, heather and i head out to brighton. we ended up at porterbellies. :) we chatted up a hot irishman (sean john), he took us out for chinese food after the bars closed, then we went back to his house for a post party. he let katie shave his face. a couple of his roommates came home, they had been at the green day concert. we were there till like 430. good times.

i woke up yesterday at 2pm and met jen at the sports depot. KT and LK totally didn't show up. nancy and gene did. she is so funny and got on this huge cruelty to animals stance. after the sports depot we went to tias, and then jen and i went to ned devines. i like that place, its huge.

oh, this is funny. last wednesday i went to dinner at owen olearys in southboro, adn i had a tab at the bar. well, apparently that night they didn't give me back the right card. and i didn't notice when i tried to buy pizza with it thursday night, i only noticed it when i went to take money out of the atm machine sat night. but at first glance i just thought it was my old citizns card. when i fished thru my receipts to get the reciept i saw that it said cardholder robert gross. luckily the bar still has my card.

i gotta take a shower. shiiiiiiiiit.