Thursday, October 18, 2007

stress and halloween.

i just got a great costume idea!! i am so excited! it's way better than my 2 other costume ideas. i want it to be a surprise, so you'll have to wait till halloween. this weekend i will be crafting this awesome costume!

in other news, we lost our crown last night at trivia. we didn't even place. one team got the max amt of points each of the 1st 4 rounds. what what what? they must have been cheating. :) LD, her boyfriend and her friends met us and played on their own team. i think they are coming again next week, should be fun.

when i think about tonight i think of pure stress. stress that i have 3 hours worth of tv to watch in 2 hours, and add to that the 4 hour plus game that will be playing while all my other tv shows are on. add the stress that the sox need to win tonight to stay alive in the alcs. :( it's causing me mind numbing heartburn!