Tuesday, October 23, 2007


over the past week or so i've noticed that my ebrake has been working less and less. meaning i've had to jump back in my car more than once after i've turned it off because it's rolling into the swamp on the edge of the parking lot here at work. well now its to the point that it isn't working anymore. on my older and wiser parents advice i have been leaving it in gear when i turn it off, but i still notice the car moves.... so i've made an appointment to have it looked at tomorrow. i am not really confident that i can go around without a parking brake in boston and find perfectly horizontal parking spaces...

i hope it is not an expensive fix, or something bigger than what i think. i believe i had all the brakes fixed the summer E and RH got married, so they better not call me up and tell me that the problem is that i need new brakes.

i'm formulating an itinerary now for my trip, so any red sox fans that might be reading and want something from the stores surrounding the stadium, let me know. i think i might get an ellsbury shirt. woo who!